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Genius Notes

A ready mind is a horrible thing to waste... With AlphaLevo IQ and AlphaLevo Energize giving you their raw brain support, you need to feed the engine. Genius Notes are a suite of carefully selected and crafted hyper potent yet still easily digestable summaries of some of humankind's most powerful thinking. No more fumbling to think of an interesting angle in conversation, points and facts are easily remembered, and smart thought can flow smoothly from your lips.

Curation and Crafting - those are the two c's that set Genius Notes apart. Genius Notes work individually, bringing you a purer mental frame through which to view the world. Carefully crafted to be memorable and useful - not just to spout from memory, but to actually change your thinking, blending subtly into your own ideas making them clearer, more creative, and more memorable. But as you keep working with the notes, you'll see the frames overlap - blending together to bring you new insights into what you're seeing and hearing - working together. This is the special curation that the Genius Notes curation team brings to the product - they craft each Genius Note to work with others. With Genius Notes it will be easier to see next steps, and talk confidently about them, because you'll be able to view that future more clearly.

Can Genius Notes bring Creativity and Confidence?

Genius Notes was designed to encourage creativity and confidence. The individual units provide powerful individual thinking that drive you to look at the world in ways you never recognized - in ways those around you might never have recognized. And this ability to deliver "Ah-Ha" moments to others around you breeds a confidence in you by them - a confidence that creates new opportunities for you.

Does it Work?

Have you ever been at a party and seen someone share that magical new way of looking at something - a movie, a book, a mutual friend... it doesn't matter, but the moment they say it, the look of understanding just crosses everyone's face. That could be you with Genius Notes. When you ask how can you prepare for those moments. How can you be ready for your opportunity to shine, you need to be ready... and Genius Notes helps you be ready.

Genius Notes comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!